What You Will Get In This 10 Week One-on-One - 1 Hour / Session Training With Steve Pipe:

  • Weekly 1 Hour Private Coaching Call With Coach Steve Pipe To Asses, Evaluate And Monitor Your Progress.
  • In Depth Consultation And Assessment Of Your Current Physical Condition, Skill Level, Fitness Ability And Personal Goals In Muay Thai.
  • Fine Tuning Your Techniques So That You Can Be Fight Ready In 10 Weeks.
  • Mental and Emotional Support From Coach Steve Pipe To Help You Get Into Your Peak State Day In Day Out Prior To Your Fight Day.
  • Fighter‘s Nutrition Advice To Get You Lean, Mean And Supercharged.
  • Valuable Insider's Tips And Secrets To Prepare You For A Good Fight.

Your Commitment Is Crucial To Your Success


1-on-1 Online Coaching With Steve Pipe (10 WEEKS) 1 Hour / Session